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You are viewing BMP records related to the Final Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement, Volume I: Chapters 1-5 publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
351 Centralize or automate facilities. "Use centralized or automated facilities to reduce the length and frequency of travel."
352 Collocate utilities in common corridors along roadways. "Collocate utilities in common corridors and align them along roadways to reduce habitat loss and fragmentation."
328 Controll surface use in Parachute Creek WMA. "SSR/CSU for the entire Parachute Creek WMA, including areas identified as having a high value for watershed processes."
318 Controlled surface use buffers around riparian areas. "Buffers of up to 500 feet would have an SSR/CSU."
322 Controlled surface use for hanging garden plant species. "The Proposed Plan would provide SSR/CSU restrictions for... hanging garden species in the East Fork Parachute Creek and Trapper/Northwater Creek ...
339 Controlled surface use in areas below rim. "The VRM Class II areas below the rim would have an SSR/CSU."
325 Controlled Surface Use in big game security areas on plateau. "The Proposed Plan would provide SSR/CSU protections to big game security areas mapped by CDOW along some of the steep, wooded stream valleys atop ...
343 Controlled Surface Use in Hubbard Mesa OHV Riding Area. "The emphasis on recreation in the Hubbard Mesa OHV Riding Area, although not designated as a Special Recreation Management Area under the Proposed ...
361 Controlled surface use in in Sharrard Park. "Apply a SSR/CSU stipulation to protect the paleontological resources in Sharrard Park."
337 Controlled surface use in peregrine falcon nesting areas. "SSR/CSU for the peregrine falcon cliff-nesting complex."
338 Controlled surface use in sensitive species habitat. "An SSR/CSU would also apply to habitats for any BLM sensitive species."
313 Controlled surface use on erodible soils steeper than 30%. "SSR/CSU [controlled surface use] restriction for areas with highly erodible (erosive) soils on slopes steeper than 30 percent."
353 Design powerlines to minimize raptor electrocution risk. "Incorporate powerline and pole or tower designs to minimize the risk of raptor electrocution."
309 Drill only in one phased development area at a time. "Restrict drilling operations to only one of six "phased development areas" at a time, and prohibit shifting operations to the next development area ...
316 Establish Ecological Site Inventories for vegetation. "Ecological Site Inventories (ESIs), based on Natural Resources Conservation Service procedures and standards, or an equivalent monitoring system ...
356 Fence off sensitive areas being reclaimed. "Use protective fencing to exclude livestock from sensitive areas or areas being revegetated."
307 Focus development on ridgetops. "Focus development on slopes of less than 20 percent along ridgetops."
342 Identify priority areas for cultural resource fieldwork. "Reduce imminent threats from natural or human-caused deterioration or potential conflict with other uses by identifying priority geographic areas ...
319 Implement integrated weed management program. "The Proposed Plan would also emphasize implementation of an integrated weed management program (including mechanical, biological, and chemical ...
359 Include native shrubs in reclamation seed mixes. "Include native shrubs in reclamation seed mixes."
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