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You are viewing BMP records related to the Statement Policy Regarding Sage Grouse Management Definitions and Use of Protective Stipulations and Conditions of Approval-Instruction Memorandum: IM WY 2004-057 publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
2196 No surface occupancy near lek "Avoid surface disturbance or occupancy within a 1/4 mile of the perimeter of occupied sage-grouse leks."
2200 Reclaim with appropriate seed mix "Rehabilitation of surface disturbing activities in nesting/early brood-rearing habitats and winter habitats will include sagebrush (including ...
2198 Restrictions on surface disturbing and disruptive activities near lek "Avoid surface disturbing and disruptive activities within suitable sage grouse nesting and brood rearing habitat within two miles of an occupied ...
2199 Timing restrictions on disturbing and disruptive activity in winter habitat "Avoid disturbance and disruptive activities in sage grouse winter habitat from November 15-March 14."
2197 Timing restrictions on human activity near lek "Avoid human activity from 8 P.M to 8 A.M from March 1-May 15 within 1/4 mile of the perimeter of occupied sage grouse leks."
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