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You are viewing BMP records related to the Final Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement, Volume III: Appendix I publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
380 Accomplish interim reclamation as soon as possible. "Accomplish interim rehabilitation and reclamation as soon as practicable after disturbance."
398 Avoid livestock grazing in areas revegetated areas. "Adjust livestock grazing in heavily used areas to allow native vegetation a period of recovery."
392 Bear-proof all refuse containers. "Require all refuse containers employ a bear-proof design."
378 Bury lines along roadways. "Bury pipelines and power lines along roadways."
409 Clean vehicles regularly. "Clean vehicles regularly using water or air spray to reduce the chance of transporting weed seed from affected areas to non-affected areas."
368 Conduct topsoil stripping in stages. "BLM may require stripping be conducted in stages to avoid topsoil compaction, beginning with a leading edge and moving in one consistent direction ...
406 Construct fences to protect resources vulnerable to livestock activity. "Construct fences and gates to ensure that livestock do not enter areas being protected for another resource that would be diminished by grazing or ...
402 Control weeds prior to drill-seeding. "Be preceded by adequate site preparation, including... control of annual or biennial weeds."
401 Decompact soil prior to drill-seeding. "Be preceded by adequate site preparation, including decompaction of soil."
382 Design power lines to minimize raptor attraction. "Design power lines to minimize raptor attraction."
367 Direct-haul salvaged topsoil to disturbed areas. "When possible, salvaged topsoil will be direct-hauled to disturbed areas with similar soil characteristics undergoing concurrent revegetation."
400 Drill-seed to establish healthy vegetation. "Drill-seed at a rate of Pure Live Seeds per square foot as needed to establish healthy vegetation."
384 Eliminate general wildlife hazards. "Design activities to eliminate general hazards to wildlife."
379 Employ habitat enhancement in appropriate areas. "If appropriate employ habitat enhancement in appropriate areas to offset habitat loss or fragmentation caused by the planned development."
393 Empty refuse containers regularly. "Require all refuse containers... be emptied on a regular basis."
396 Enclose pits in buried barrier. "Enclose pits within a 2-foot solid barrier buried 6 inches into the soil to exclude small mammals and reptiles."
395 Fence pits to exclude ungulates. "Enclose pits within an 8-foot-high fence to exclude ungulates."
403 Fence revegetated areas. "Fence revegetated areas to exclude livestock for at least two full growing seasons."
381 Group structures in common area. "Group structures and facilities in a common area."
387 Incorporate habitat requirements in reclamation. "Incorporate habitat requirements in interim and final rehabilitation."
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