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You are viewing BMP records related to the Draft Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement, Chapter 2: Alternatives publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
412 Avoid or recover significant paleontological resources. "Significant [paleontological] resources would be avoided or recovered through the authorization process."
434 Close routes to protect vegetation. "Close selected routes to protect special status species and significant plant communities."
424 Cluster activities together. "Clustering disturbances so they do not create fragmentation or loss of more than a 10% contiguous block of unroaded wildlife habitat below the rim."
413 Controlled Surface Use in Sharrard Park. "Protect Sharrard Park paleontological resources through SSR/CSU stipulation."
415 Controlled Surface Use on slopes greater than 30%. "SR/CSU [controlled surface use] on erosive soils and slopes greater than 30%."
425 Enhance big game habitat where practical. "Initiate mitigation and vegetation management to maintain or enhance big game habitat where practical."
420 Establish integrated weed management program. "Emphasize prevention, inventory, detection, and monitoring and project actions as part of an integrated weed management program."
445 Limit off-road vehicle use. "Limit off-road vehicle use to preserve and protect roadlessness and naturalness."
446 Limit travel to designated routes. "Provide for responsible use by limiting travel to designated routes or areas throughout the Planning Area."
417 Maintain ecological condition of plant life. "Maintain or improve the ecological condition and integrity of native stands of aspen, mountain shrubs, grasslands, conifers, where consistent with ...
422 Maintain or enhance wildlife habitat. "Maintain or enhance habitats capable of sustaining existing or increasing populations of wildlife."
438 Maintain riparian vegetation. "Maintain the significant riparian plant communities in mid- to late-seral stage to maintain current ecological values."
442 Minimize visual impacts in I-70 viewshed. "Design all developments, land alterations, and vegetative manipulations within the I-70 viewshed to limit visual impacts."
443 No ground disturbance in East Fork Parachute Creek Canyon. "Apply NGD/NSO stipulations within the East Fork Parachute Creek Canyon."
432 No ground disturbance in special status plant habitat. "Avoid ground-disturbing activities in occupied and high-risk habitat for special status plants, significant plant communities, and high-risk plant ...
414 No ground disturbance on slopes greater than 50%. "NGD/NSO on slopes greater than 50% to maintain site stability and site productivity."
444 No ground disturbance on slopes over 30% in I-70 viewshed. "Apply NGD/NSO stipulations... on slopes over 30% with high visual sensitivity in the I-70 viewshed."
428 No surface disturbance near raptor nest sites. "No surface disturbances would be allowed within a 0.125-mile radius of a nest site for owls, ospreys, golden eagles, buteos, accipiters, and falcons ...
429 No surface disturbances near bald eagle nest sites. "The [NGD] buffer for... bald eagle roost or nest sites would be a .25-mile radius."
430 No surface disturbances near peregrine falcon nest sites. "The [NGD] buffer for the peregrine falcon nesting complex... would be a 0.25-mile radius."
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