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You are viewing BMP records related to the Management Plan and Conservation Strategies for Sage Grouse in Montana publication.

BMP ID Short Title Text of BMP
1977 Concentrate infrastructure "Concentrate energy-related facilities when practicable."
1978 Facility siting "Avoid locating roads and power lines in crucial sage grouse breeding, nesting, and wintering areas."
1979 Facility siting "Locate storage facilities, generators, and holding tanks outside the line of sight and sound of important breeding habitat."
1980 Impoundment design "Design impoundments and manage discharge so as not to degrade or inundate leks, nesting sites, and wintering sites."
1981 Minimize ground disturbance in habitat "Minimize ground disturbance in sagebrush stands with documented use by sage grouse: a) breeding habitat-the lek and associated stands of sagebrush, ...
1982 Mitigate off-site "Use off-site mitigation, e.g., creation of sagebrush habitat, or purchase conservation easements with industry dollars to offset habitat losses."
1983 Monitor "Provide for long-term monitoring of siting requirements to examine effects of current and future development on sage grouse."
1984 No surface disturbance or occupancy near lek "Allow no surface occupancy within 0.25 miles of an active lek."
1986 Noise restrictions "Restrict use of heavy equipment that exceeds 49 decibels within 2 miles of a lek from 4 a.m.-8 a.m. and 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. during March 1-June 15."
1985 Noise restrictions "Restrict noise levels from production facilities to 49 decibels (10 dba above background noise at the lek)."
1987 Reclamation: Remove infrastructure after use "Remove facilities and infrastructure when use is completed."
1988 Road planning preceding development "Develop a comprehensive infrastructure plan prior to energy development activities to minimize road densities."
1989 Staged development "Encourage development in incremental stages to stagger disturbance (federal leases range from 3-10 years); design schedules that include long-term ...
1990 Timing restrictions on maintenance activities near lek "Restrict maintenance and related activities in sage grouse breeding/nesting complexes-1 March -15 June-between the hours of 4:00-8:00 am and ...
1991 Timing restrictions on surface use in winter habitat "Allow no surface use activities within crucial sage grouse wintering areas during 1 December-31 March." [See attached map]
1992 Timing restrictions on surface use near lek "Allow no surface use in nesting habitat within 2 miles of an active lek during a period of breeding and nesting-1 March -15 June."
1976 Timing restrictions on surface use near lek Lease Stipulation: Sage Grouse: Nesting Area: "Surface use is prohibited between March 1 - June 15 in grouse nesting habitat within 2 miles of a ...
1993 Water source protection "Protect natural springs from any source of disturbance or degradation from energy-related activities."
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