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BMP ID: 11325
Title: Density rule limitation shall not apply when County denies a permit application
Text: "2.2 Well Location; Exceptions: … The limitation contained in Section 2.1 shall not apply in any instance in which the County denies a permit application to drill a well from an existing Well Pad or to expand an existing Well Pad."
Source Publication Name: Memorandum of Understanding Between the Board of County Commissioners of La Plata County, Colorado and BP American Production Company (Fairway), 2010
Citation Section: Article II: Density and Use of Existing Well Pads and Facilities
Citation Page: 6
Supplemental Documents:  
Usage Type: Required
Timing: • Construction / Siting / Design
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
• State
• Private
Primary Contact: Courtney Krueger
La Plata County
1060 E. 2nd Ave.
Durango, CO  81301  USA
Phone:     Alt. Phone:
Fax:     E-mail: 
Alternate Contact: Dave McKenna
BP America Production Company
380 Airport Road
Durango, CO  81303
Phone:     Alt. Phone:
Fax:     E-mail: 
Categories: Land Surface Disturbance
Location: Colorado
Vegetation Types:
• Suburban / urban
General Comments: Local Government - Operator MOU "2.1 Density. BP agrees that, except as provided in Article 2.2 herein or as may be otherwise permitted in the COGCC order approving BP's Infill Application, the density of Fruitland Coal Well Pads within the Infill Application Area shall not exceed four (4) within any single 640-acre governmental section of real property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained in this Article II shall be construed so as to require the closure or abandonment of any existing gas well."
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