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BMP ID: 7095
Title: Areas within .25 mile of East Fork Virgin River segments 36-37 open to oil and gas leasing with major constraints
Text: "Wild and Scenic Rivers: Suitable wild and scenic river 'recreational' segment East Fork Virgin River (segment 36-37) — OUTSIDE THE WSA: Manage oil and gas leasing as open subject to major constraints (NSO) in the East Fork Virgin River segment 36-37 suitable "recreational" river segment (within ¼ mile of each side of the river or the viewshed from river, whichever is less)."
Source Publication Name: Kanab Field Office: Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan
Citation Section: Appendix 3 Surface Stipulations Applicable to Oil and Gas Leasing and Other Surface Disturbing Activities
Citation Page: A3-10
Supplemental Documents:  
Usage Type: Required
Timing: • Planning / Environmental Review
Oil / Gas Field:  
Surface Ownership: • Federal
• State
Mineral Ownership: • Federal
• State
Primary Contact: BLM - Kanab Field Office
318 North 100 East
Kanab, Utah  84741  USA
Phone:(435) 644-4600     Alt. Phone:(435) 644-4620
Alternate Contact:  
Categories: Visual Aesthetics
Aquatic and Riparian Values
Location: Utah
Vegetation Types:
General Comments:
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
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Date Entered: 2010-06-07 17:19 UTC
Last Updated: 2010-06-17 18:10 UTC