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Citation Label: CO011
Publication Name: Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Migratory Bird Policy: Inspections and Enforcement
Publication Type: Guidance/Standards
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Author Name: Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: CO11-COGCCmigratorybirdpolicy.pdf
Annotation: This inspections and enforcement policy outlines COGCC strategies for reducing adverse environmental impacts from oil and gas operations on migratory birds from heater treaters, fired vessels and pits.
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Required BMPs: “As a result, the USF&WS, Office of Law Enforcement has determined that heater-treaters on oil and gas leases create a widespread hazard for migratory birds. The USF&WS has no mandate to make the oil and gas industry retrofit equipment, but they have the authority to enforce the MBTA when unlawful bird deaths occur. After March 1, 2007, responsible parties that contribute to migratory bird deaths in heater-treaters will be subject to prosecution by the United States Department of Justice.” Pg. 2
Ownership: Federal, state, and private -- The document does not explicitly state whether the policy applies to operators on all types of land ownership. Because the policy is stated generally, this website considers it applicable to all lands.