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Citation Label: UT04
Publication Name: Vernal Resource Management Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Section Name: Appendix A: Vernal Field Office Best Management Practices for Raptors and Associated Habitats
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2005
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Local Source File: UT04-vernalrmpappA.pdf
Annotation: The Vernal Resource Management Plan DEIS analyzes management options for the Vernal Plannig Area. Appendix A provides management practices for raptor conservation in the Vernal Resource Management Area. The appendix also provides specific strategies for reducing conflicts between oil and gas development and raptors and criteria for modifying the recommended management practices.
Required vs.
Recommended -- An EIS evaluates alternatives and does not include a decision to implement a particular alternative. Unless specific practices are explicitly noted in the NEPA document as "required", this website considered all management practices in a draft or final EIS as "recommended." If approved, "Raptor management would be administered under the auspices of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Management activities and land disturbing actions would be subject to the criteria and processes specified within these BMPs." Pg. A-3
Ownership: Federal -- "[The management plan] will provide planning guidance for public land and federal mineral estate managed by the [Vernal Field Office]..." pg. 1, Executive Summary