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Citation Label: UT08
Publication Name: Vernal Resource Management Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Section Name: Appendix B: Hydraulic Considerations for Pipelines Crossing Stream Channels
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2005
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Local Source File: UT08-VernalRMPappB.pdf
Annotation: The Vernal Resource Management Plan DEIS main document analyzes management options for the Vernal planning area. Appendix B suggest management practices to properly cross stream channels with pipelines.
Required vs.
Recommended -- An EIS evaluates alternatives and does not include a decision to implement a particular alternative. Unless specific practices are explicitly noted in the NEPA document as "required", this website considered all management practices in a draft or final EIS as "recommended."
Ownership: Federal -- "[The management plan] will provide planning guidance for public land and federal mineral estate managed by the [Vernal Field Office]..." pg. 1, Executive Summary