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Citation Label: WY002
Publication Name: Upper Green River Basin Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan
Publication Type: Report
Section Name:
Author Name: Upper Green River Basin Sage-Grouse Working Group
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: WY002-UpperGreenRiverSage-GrouseConservationPlan.pdf
Annotation: This document was created by a Wyoming working group made up of various stakeholders in an attempt to manage sage grouse and prevent its being listed under the Endangered Species Act. It discusses many different threats to sage grouse, including threats from oil and gas development, and recommends strategies and management practices to alleviate those threats. It also describes several projects that will be undertaken to mitigate environmental harms to sage grouse.
Required vs.
Recommended -- "Commitments, recommended actions and recommended management practices to achieve goals and objectives are listed in the plan. Page 2. " The section is labeled: "General Mineral Development Recommended Management Practices" Page 55.
Ownership: Federal, State and private -- " Habitats for sage-grouse within Sublette County occur throughout mixed land ownership jurisdictions. Most of the documented sage-grouse leks are found on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lands (91%), with fewer leks documented on private (5%), and state (4%)." Page 8. The document does not appear to distinguish between land ownership types in its recommendations.