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Citation Label: WY004
Publication Name: Final EIS Powder River Basin Oil and Gas Project
Publication Type: Project NEPA Document
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Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2003
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Annotation: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) prepared this Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) to document and disclose the results of the environmental analysis of a proposal to drill, complete, operate, and reclaim additional coal bed methane wells in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and other purposes. Chapter 3 discusses wildlife consequences of the oil and gas project, including affects on sage grouse.
Required vs.
Recommended -- An FEIS is not a decision document. Its purpose is to inform the public and interested parties of the BLM's analysis of potential impacts associated with implementing the proposed project and alternatives.
Ownership: "Federal --- ""The proposed project would involve both public and privately owned lands. The public lands include areas administered by the BLM, the Medicine Bow National Forest, and the state."" Pg. 1-1 But BLM does not control or authorize development of nn-federal minerals. This website lists practices from this EIS as ""Federal"".