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Citation Label: WY005
Publication Name: Platte River Resource Area Resource Management Plan Record of Decision
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Section Name:
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 1985
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Local Source File: WY005-PlatteRiverResourceManagementPlanROD.pdf
Annotation: This document is a Resource Management Plan Amendment. The Bureau of Land Management is required to create Resource Management Plans to determine management of BLM lands. The BLM must manage its lands in accordance with its Resource Management Plans. If the BLM wants to take action on its lands that contradicts the Resource Management Plan, the Plan must be amended to allow that activity. This Resource Management Plan Amendment lays out management decisions for the Platte River Resource Area.
Required vs.
Recommended- "The proposed management is the environmentally preferable alternative."