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Citation Label: WY010
Publication Name: Federal Lands Analysis Natural Gas Assessment Southern Wyoming and Northwestern Colorado
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Advanced Resources International, Inc.
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Publication Year: 2001
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Local Source File: WY010-FederalLandsAnalysisGreaterGreenRiverBasin.pdf
Annotation: This report documents the first in the series of Department of Energy’s (DOE) studies on resource impacts due to lease stipulation and land use categorization for the Rocky Mountain region. This report presents the study results for southern Wyoming and northwestern Colorado and focuses on the Greater Green River Basin (GGRB) and adjacent areas. The GGRB basin was chosen as the first to be studied because it contains the largest amount of potential natural gas resource in the Rockies. The study area covers almost 29 millions acres of land, of which over 16 million are under federal ownership. In this project data on federal lands, including restrictions and lease stipulations and data on underlying natural gas resources, were collected and analyzed. Based on a computerized Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis, the potential natural gas resource that lies under each category of restriction or stipulation was estimated. Maps were produces showing land ownership, including federal agency jurisdiction for federal land, cumulative stipulations and restrictions and resource distribution.
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Recommended-" The NPC recommended that its approach be continued and expanded to increase understanding of the interaction between land use and the natural gas resources of the Rockies."