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Citation Label: WY011
Publication Name: Western Heritage Alternative: A Sustainable Vision for the Public Lands and Resources of the Great Divide
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
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Publication Year: 2003
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Local Source File: WY011-WesternHeritageAlternative.pdf
Annotation: The Western Heritage Alternative is the Biodiversity Conservation Alliance's vision of a balanced approach to managing the many multiple uses in the Great Divide planning area. The alternative is designed to protect sensitive wildlife habitats and important landscapes while allowing traditional uses, both public and corporate, to continue in the ways that are compatible with maintaining healthy ecosystems. Under this long term Alternative, industrialization would proceed at a measured and well-managed pace, and oil and gas development would not be the pre-eminent land use everywhere. The Western Heritage Alternaticve is founded on the principles of protecting the most sensitive lands from heavy-handed uses, and in places where industrial use is appropriate, doing it right so that other resources are not squandered in the process.
Required vs.
Recommended practices that should be required: “The BLM should adopt this philosophy as an ironclad requirement in the new RMP. We further urge the BLM to adopt an Ecosystems Management approach to all permitted activities and projects in the planning area.” Pg. 6
Ownership: Federal -- The Alternative is “A Sustainable Vision for the Public Lands and Resources of the Great Divide, Managed by the Rawlins Field Office of the BLM" The BLM only manages federal lands and resources in the planning area.