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Citation Label: WY015
Publication Name: Memorandum of Understanding to participate in Powder River Basin Interagency Working Group on Coal Bed Natural Gas Development, 2004
Publication Type: MOU/MOA
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Author Name: States of Wyoming and Montana
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Publication Year: 2004
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Local Source File: WY015-mou061504.pdf
Annotation: The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to set forth the intentions of the parties to participate in and carry out the mission of the Powder River Basin Coal Bed Natural Gas Interagency Working Group (PRB IWG). The mission of PRB IWG is to provide a forum for local, state, tribal and federal governmental agencies to work together to provide for environmentally sound energy development; develop coordinated and complementary BMPs, guidelines and programs related to CBNG activities to conserve and protect resources, monitor the impact of CBNG activities and assess the effectiveness of mitigating measures; develop and integrate the databases and scientific studies needed for effective resource management and planning and to make that information readily available; and to promote compatibility in the application of each agency’s mission.
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