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Citation Label: WY018
Publication Name: Pinedale Anticline Production Area Draft Supplemental EIS
Publication Type: Project NEPA Document
Section Name: Appendix E
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
Other Authors:
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Publication Year: 2006
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Local Source File: WY018-AppendixEPerformanceBasedObjectivesPinedaleSupplementalEIS.pdf
Annotation: The Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement describes alternatives for expanding development of the Pinedale Anticline Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Project and evaluates their environmental impacts. Appendix E identifies criteria for Performance Based Objectives. Performance based objectives have been adopted to provide BLM greater flexibility in protection of physical, environmental and cultural resources. Successful application of performance or outcome-based resource management objectives require implementation of adaptive management principles, specifically requiring implementation of monitoring and subsequent evaluation to determine whether or not the requirements and/or standards (or use of new techniques and/or practices) have been applied and whether the desired objective has been achieved in a timely and efficient manner.
Required vs.
Recommended -- The FSEIS [and DSEIS] is not a decision document. Its purpose is to inform the public and interested agencies of impacts associated with implementing the Operators’ long-term development proposal and to evaluate alternatives to the proposal. FSEIS Dear Reader Letter, Pg. 3
Ownership: Federal -- BLM decisions and recommendations generally apply only to BLM-administered lands within a project area, which include Federal surface estate, subsurface mineral estate, or both. They do not apply to surface or subsurface mineral estate over which the BLM has no jurisdiction.