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Citation Label: WY030
Publication Name: Greater Sage-Grouse Population Response to Natural Gas Field Development In Western Wyoming
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Holloran, Matthew J.
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Publication Year: 2005
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Local Source File: WY030-HolloranSageGrouseStudy.pdf
Annotation: This PhD dissertation examines the impacts on development of natural gas fields on greater sage-grouse (C. urophasianus) breeding behavior, seasonal habitat selection, and population growth in the Upper Green River Basin of western Wyoming. The document suggests that currently imposed development stipulations are inadequate to protect greater sage-grouse, and that stipulations need to be modified to maintain populations within natural gas fields.
Required vs.
Recommended -- The author has no authority to require practices. This study was to determine if and how the development of natural gas resources were influencing greater sage-grouse populations in the upper Green River Basin of western Wyoming.
Ownership: Federal, State and private -- The study was initiated by the Department of Energy and the BLM, but recommendations are not specific to any land ownership.