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Citation Label: WY039
Publication Name: Jonah Infill Drilling Project Record of Decision
Publication Type: Project NEPA Document
Section Name: Appendix A: Jonah Infill Drilling Project Administrative Requirements, Conditions of Approval, and Mitigation
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2006
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Local Source File: WY039-JonahRODappA.pdf
Annotation: Natural gas operators proposed to expand existing natural gas drilling and development operations in the Jonah Field in south-central Sublette County, Wyoming, referred to as the Jonah Infill Drilling Project Area (JIDPA). Appendix A includes COA's, BMPs, and requirements for all approved actions within the JIDPA. Wildlife, Reclamation, Noise, Visual Resources, Soil, Air, and Water resources are all addressed.
Required vs.
Recommended -- “All approved actions within the Jonah Infill Drilling Project Area (JIDPA) may include all or some of the following Conditions of Approval (COAs), administrative requirements, mitigation requirements, and/or Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Ownership: Federal -- 'The ROD provides the plan for future management of the federal surface and mineral estate in the Jonah Infill Drilling Project Area (JIDPA)."