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Citation Label: MT32
Publication Name: Record of Decision for the Final Supplement to the Montana Statewide Oil and Gas Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Amendment of the Powder River and Billings Resource Management Plans
Publication Type: Project NEPA Document
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Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2008
Publication No.: BLM/MT/PL-09/001
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Local Source File: MT32-rodcomplete.pdf
Annotation: This ROD for the FSEIS approved Alternative H and all appendices of the FSEIS. The FSEIS was prepared as the result of a lawsuit filed on the BLM's ROD for the Final Montana Statewide Oil and Gas EIS and Amendment of the Powder River and Billings RMPs.
Required vs.
Mostly Required -- "The following mitigation measures are being adopted into the ROD and will be applied." page 3. _____ -- Appendix A: "This section [pages A-2 - A-7] provides preliminary wildlife inventory, monitoring, and protection protocol. Required actions for inventory, monitoring and protection vary by species and development intensity. In areas of development with greater than 1 well location per section, additional actions in Table 3 become applicable. Standard protocol for APD and right-of-way (ROW) application field reviews are provided in Table 2. Alternative measures and protocols will be developed as determined by Core Team members in response to specific needs identified in annual reports." Page A-2 Required - Lease stipulations -- "These are mandatory measures or actions..." Page A-7 applying to A-7 - A-12. Recommended -- Guidance for Development of Project Plans: "The following guidance and conservation measures are considered "features" or project "design criteria" to be used during Project Plan preparation. ... These types of conservation actions offer flexibility for local situations and help minimize or eliminate impacts to the species of interest." Page A-13, applying to A-13 - A-14 Required -- Appendix B, Northern Cheyenne Mitigation: "These mitigating measures will be imposed on operators at the APD approval stage of development as needed on a case-by-case basis." Page B-1 Recommended -- "Mitigating measures may include ..." Page B-1.
Ownership: Federal -- "The decision applies to BLM-administered lands and minerals only." Page 1. provisions may apply to other lands if additional action is taken: Appendix A, Wildlife Monitoring and Protection Plan: "If owners and managers of state and private mineral development are willing to incorporate this guidance into management of their CBNG activities, they may become a partner by entering into a Cooperative Agreement."