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Citation Label: GEN037
Publication Name: Minimizing Waste during Drilling Operations
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Haut, Richard C.
Other Authors: Rogers, John D., Bruce W. McDole, David Burnett
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: GEN37-2007_AADE_paper_2007-01-23.pdf
Annotation: This article discusses the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program (EFD). It explains that the purpose of the EFD is to combine the use of current and new technologies in order to create a drilling system that is compatible with ecologically sensitive, restricted access,and off-limits areas. The overall aim is to create the ability for moderate to deep drilling and production operations, which results in minimal to no environmental impact. This article discusses current approaches taken in oil production operations and outlines methods for improving their management.
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