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Citation Label: CO042
Publication Name: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Practice and Procedure, 2 CCR 404-1, Final Draft Rules 11 07 08
Publication Type: Regulations
Author Name: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
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Publication Year: 2008
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Annotation: The mission of the COGCC is to promote the responsible development of Colorado's oil and gas natural resources.These rules include existing COGCC rules, effective 9/30/2007, and draft rules from the 2008 rulemaking process. When entered into the database in February 2009, the draft rules had not been approved by the Colorado legislature.
Required vs.
Required -- "The regulations reflect requirements of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for developing oil and gas resources in Colorado."
Ownership: Federal, State and private -- As written, the rules are intended to apply to all land ownership types in Colorado.