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Citation Label: CO045
Publication Name: Recommendations for Development of Oil and Gas Resources within Crucial and Important Wildlife Habitats
Publication Type: Regulations
Author Name: Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
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Publication Year: 2010
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Local Source File: CO45.pdf
Annotation: Version 5.0, revised March 2010. The COGCC regulates the oil and gas drilling and production industry in Colorado. These rules include existing COGCC rules, effective 9/30/2007 and draft rules from the 2008 rulemaking process. When entered into the database in February 2009, the draft rules had not been approved by the Colorado legislature.
Required vs.
Required -- "The regulations reflect requirements of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for developing oil and gas resources in Colorado."
Ownership: Federal, State and private -- As written, the rules are intended to apply to all land ownership types in Colorado