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Citation Label: GEN066
Publication Name: Development for a Consistent Methodology for Estimating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Oil and Gas Industry Operations
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Ritter, Karen
Other Authors: Lev-On, Miriam, Theresa Shires
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Local Source File: GEN066-Development-of.pdf
Annotation: This paper discusses the process undertaken to compare methodologies used by member companies, national governmental bodies, and intergovernmental experts and to develop a compendium of emission estimation methodologies. It highlights technical, scope, and boundary considerations that play a key role in the final inventory calculations. It presents a general classification scheme for all oil and gas industry devices and operations, while identifying the parameters needed to generate robust estimates of emissions for each equipment category and industry segment. The paper also illustrates ways in which GHG emissions inventory data can be presented and summarizes some of the considerations in designing a GHG emissions inventory.
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