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Citation Label: CO003
Publication Name: Colorado Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan
Publication Type: Report
Section Name: Appendix I: Suggested Management Practices Applicable for Oil and Gas Development, Within Lease Rights
Author Name: Colorado Division of Wildlife
Other Authors: BLM, USFS, USFWS, NRCS
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: CO03-AppendixIOGSMPs.pdf
Annotation: This conservation plan identifies current threats to the greater sage-grouse and their habitats in Colorado and suggests management practices for its conservation. Appendix I includes management practices that can, but are not mandated to be, applied to all ownership situations to minimize the impact of oil and gas development on the greater sage-grouse.
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Recommended BMPS: “In addition to “GrSG Disturbance Guidelines” (Appendix B), and conservation strategies identified in this plan (“Conservation Strategy”, pg. 306), this is a list of suggested management practices that may be applied to oil and gas operations, or other surface-disturbing activities, to aid in protecting GrSG and their habitat. These SMPs are not regulatory, but are options that could be applicable to all ownership situations; they are also not the BLM’s Best Management Practices (BMPs) for public lands, which can be found at As new information becomes available, additional management practices will be developed.” Pg. I-2
Ownership: Federal, State, Private-- “These BMPs are not regulatory, but are options that could be applicable to all ownership situations;” Pg. I-2