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Citation Label: WY101
Publication Name: Best Practices Guide to Optimizing Multizone Coalbed Natural Gas Well Completions
Publication Type: Report
Section Name:
Author Name: Gas Sensing Technology Corp./WellDog
Other Authors: Black Diamond Energy
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2008
Publication No.: Subcontract 3176-WDI-USDOE-2098
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Local Source File: WY101-MultizoneCoalbed.pdf
Annotation: This final report was submitted to the Stripper Well Consortium for work completed in 2006 -07 on a subcontract to a DOE prime contract. The goal of this GST-WellDog and Black Diamond Energy collaborative project was to create a replicable methodology for optimizing multizone completions in Coal Bed Methane (CBM) reservoirs in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The study utilizes WellDog’s proprietary Gas Sensing Technology to pinpoint coal seams with the highest gas content, the lowest critical desorption pressure, and the lowest water/gas ratio, allowing Black Diamond Energy to complete CBM wells capable of producing the most gas and least water possible. Black Diamond Energy notes that “without the WellDog technology, the reservoir analysis portion of this study would have required more than $750,000 and up to eight months of field- and lab-work. Using the WellDog technology, it required less than $200,000 and less than two weeks of field- and lab-work.”
Required vs.
Recommended- This report illustrates, "how the challenges encountered when completing coalbed methane wells in multiple formations." The report was intended to inform the public on the possible challenges.
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- The technology would be suitable for use on any land ownership type.