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Citation Label: CO068
Publication Name: The Rifle, Silt, New Castle Community Development Plan
Publication Type: Report
Section Name:
Author Name: RSNC Defined Area Residents
Other Authors: Antero Resources Corp., Galaxy Energy
Contractor Name: A project of the Grand Valley Citizens' Alliance
Publication Year: 2006
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: CO68-RSNCCommunityDevelopmentPlan.pdf
Annotation: The Rifle, Silt, New Castle Community Development Plan (RSNC-CDP) is a ground-breaking project and a new blueprint for how a community and industry can work together to successfully manage natural gas development in a rural residential/agricultural area. The plan outlined in this document addresses areas of concern expressed by the community in a series of meetings and the willingness of industry to address those concerns. It also establishes a framework by which industry and the community can continue the partnership that has been established through the drafting of the plan.
Required vs.
Recommended -- "Some people have expressed concern that this plan is not a legally binding document. It was never the intention of the plan’s drafters to pursue legal means to enforce the plan. The goal is to create a working relationship between community and industry whereby each entity accepts a level of responsibility and holds its partner accountable. Page 4
Ownership: Private (at least primarily) -- "The plan is designed to be a working model of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that constitute Responsible Development for the RSNC area, which is defined as: bordered on the north by the Grand Hogback; bordered on the south by the Colorado River; bordered on the east by the Town of New Castle; bordered on the West by the Town of Rifle and state Highway 13." Page 8