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Citation Label: GEN132
Publication Name: Foam Control for Natural Gas Wells
Publication Type: Report
Section Name:
Author Name: Composite Engineers, Inc
Other Authors:
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Publication Year: 2008
Publication No.: 3177-CEI-USDOE-2098
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Local Source File: GEN132-CEI_2006_Final_Complete.pdf
Annotation: This paper addresses the detrimental and, sometimes, very expensive, effects of foaming agents entering gas distribution systems. By showing how Foam Control Systems mitigate this by dissolving foaming agents into liquids, Composite Engineers, Inc provides a solution to a problem that can cost operators and buyers of natural gas “millions of dollars in poor measurement results, aggravated corrosion and equipment damage.”
Required vs.
Recommended- this project was created as a recommended practice for, "chemical control system to enhance the performance of our depleting natural gas wells."
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- The technology would be suitable for use on any land ownership type.