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Citation Label: GEN134
Publication Name: Novel Single Stage Water Mitigation Treatment
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Oglesby, Kenneth D., PE
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Publication Year: 2008
Publication No.: 3180-IT-USDOE-2098
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Local Source File: GEN134-IT_2006Final.pdf
Annotation: This paper addresses water production in marginal/stripper wells by advancing research on SPI gel systems, which harden downhole, for casing leak repair and water conformance issues. If perfected, this new gel technology will prove essential for extending the life of marginal wells in an economical way by effectively and efficiently sealing casing leaks.
Required vs.
Recommended- "Over the last 40 years, several methods1-4 were proposed for improving reservoir conformance using crosslinked polymers to mitigate the problems associated with reservoir heterogeneity. " There are two methods that are recommended commercially for crosslinking polyacrylamides.
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- The technology would be suitable for use on any land ownership type.