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Citation Label: GEN135
Publication Name: Advanced ASJ Drilling System
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Oglesby, Kenneth D., PE
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Publication Year: 2009
Publication No.: 3181-IT-USDOE-2098
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Local Source File: GEN135-IT_Final06.pdf
Annotation: This paper addresses the need for cheaper, more effective drilling methods to most immediately allow operators economical access to the United States’ myriad marginally productive reservoirs. These more effective drilling methods are made possible by applying abrasive slurry jetting (ASJ) and high pressure slurry pump (HPSP) technology to “improve drilling penetration rates by factors up to 20 times that of conventional rates.” This technology also has extensive potential for improving multilateral drilling performance as well.
Required vs.
Recommended- This "cutting and drilling system was developed, for vertical and directional drilling. "This is a recommended practice is till under recovery for a more effective cheaper way to drill.
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- The technology would be suitable for use on any land ownership type.