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Citation Label: CO067
Publication Name: Watershed Plan for the Town of Palisade and the City of Grand Junction Colorado
Publication Type: Community Agreement/Plan
Section Name:
Author Name: Town of Palisade and City of Grand Junction Colorado
Other Authors: Mesa County, Colorado, Ute Water Conservancy District, Mesa Water and Sanitation District, Saddle Mountain Ranch, Bureau of Land Management (Grand Junction Field Office), United States Forest Service, Genesis Gas and Oil LLC
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: CO67-Genesis20070801_watershed_plan.pdf
Annotation: In conjunction with Genesis Oil and Gas, the town of Palisade and the city of Grand Junction have devised a community agreement plan that focuses on protecting air, land, and water resources within the Palisade and Grand Junction watersheds.
Required vs.
Recommended -- "It is important for readers to understand that this Watershed Plan isn’t legally binding because it is not a site-specific permit that has been approved by either the BLM, the State of Colorado, or other governments." Page 4
Ownership: Federal minerals; Federal and private surface -- The plan area includes federal, city and private land, but the plan was developed in reference to development of federal mineral leases in the area.