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Citation Label: GEN139
Publication Name: Technology Assessment and Economic Evaluation of Downhole Gas/Water Separation and Disposal Tools
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Hand, Mikyong
Other Authors: Miller, Brent; Reuter, Curtis; Lorenz, Paul
Contractor Name: Radian International LLC
Publication Year: 1999
Publication No.: GRI-99/0218
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Annotation: Produced water accounts for approximately 80 percent of the total waste volume for the oil and gas industry, and presents both an environmental concern and an economic constraint to oil and gas development. Downhole gas/water separation (DGWS) is a promising cost-effective alternative technology for produced water management. This study evaluated the technical, economic, and regulatory barriers and drivers of downhole gas/water separation technologies, and presents recommendations for further technology improvement and deployment. Data from 53 DGWS equipment installations were collected from 34 operators, and several different types of DGWS tools were studied. The evaluations clearly indicate that application of DGWS to wells with the proper characteristics has been successful and profitable. Understanding the required characteristics of the geologic setting, well, and producing and disposal formations, coupled with proper tool selection, is necessary for DGWS to reach its full potential. In general, the regulatory community appears receptive to the technology. The CD-ROM presents the report in a searchable Adobe Acrobat(R) format, and includes multimedia illustrations and an interactive economic model to facilitate individual analysis of DGWS technology applications.
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