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Citation Label: UT22
Publication Name: Moab Field Office: Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Section Name: Moab Appendices
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2008
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Local Source File: UT22-MoabAppendices.pdf
Annotation: This document will provide guidance for the management of over 1,821,000 acres of public land and 1,850,000 million acres of Federal mineral estate administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Grand and San Juan Counties in southeastern Utah. Appendix A - Stipulations and Environmental Best Practices Applicable to Oil and Gas Leasing and Other Surface-disturbing Activities; Appendix R - Best Management Practices for Raptors and their Associated Habitats in Utah
Required vs.
Appendix A -Required: Industry is required to follow stipulations attached to a particular lease. "Three types of stipulations could be applied to landuse authorizations: 1) no surface occupancy (NSO), 2) timing limitations (TL), and 3) controlled surface use (CSU)." (page A-1); Appendix R -Recommended: "...spatial and seasonal buffers should be considered as the best available recommendations for protecting nesting raptors under a wide range of activities statewide." (page R-2)
Ownership: Federal - "These stipulations will also apply, where appropriate and practical, to other surface-disturbing activities (and occupancy) associated with land-use authorizations, permits, and leases issued on BLM lands." (page A-1)