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Citation Label: GEN006
Publication Name: Wildlife Society Bulletin 2000, 28(4): 967
Publication Type: Journal
Section Name: Guidelines to manage sage grouse populations and their habitats
Author Name: Connelly, John
Other Authors: Schroeder, Michael A.; Alan R. Sands;Clait E. Braun
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Publication Year: 2000
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Local Source File: GEN06-GuidelinestoManageSageGrousePopulationsandTheirHabitats.pdf
Annotation: This Wildlife Society Bulletin paper summarizes the current knowledge of the ecology of sage grouse and, based on this information, provides guidelines to manage sage grouse. Most management guidelines are general and not specific to oil and gas.
Required vs.
Recommended – “Recommended guidelines … Because of gaps in our knowledge and regional variation in habitat characteristics (Tisdale and Hironaka 1981), the judgment of local biologists and quantitative data from population and habitat monitoring are necessary to implement the guidelines correctly. Further, we urge agencies to use an adaptive management approach (Macnab 1983, Gratson et al. 1993), using monitoring and evaluation to assess the success of implementing these guidelines to manage sage grouse populations.” Pg. 975
Ownership: Federal, state and private -- "Sage grouse populations occupy relatively large areas on a year-round basis (Berry and Eng 1985, Connelly et al. 1988, Wakkinen 1990, Leonard et al. 2000), invariably involving a mix of ownership and jurisdictions. Thus, state and federal natural resource agencies and private landowners must coordinate efforts over at least an entire seasonal range to successfully implement these guidelines." pg. 975