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Citation Label: GEN161
Publication Name: Drilling Smarter: Using Directional Drilling to Reduce Oil and Gas Impacts in the Intermountain West
Publication Type: Report
Section Name:
Author Name: Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
Other Authors: Erik M. Molvar
Contractor Name:
Publication Year: 2003
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: GEN161-DirectionalDrilling_BCA.pdf
Annotation: This report provides a history and description of directional drilling, as well as a discussion on the capabilities and effectiveness of directional drilling in different geologic settings. The author explores economic advantages of directional drilling as well as its potential to reduce environmental impacts.
Required vs.
Recommended. This is a report authored by an environmental organization, providing recommendations to reduce environmental impacts caused by oil & gas development. "Directional drilling technology has the potential to offer a less damaging alternative to conventional drilling methods,." (summary)
Ownership: Federal, state, and private lands.