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Citation Label: GEN162
Publication Name: Reasonable and Prudent Practices for Stabilization (RAPPS) of Oil and Gas Construction Sites
Publication Type: Guidance/Standards
Section Name:
Author Name: Independent Petroleum Association of America
Other Authors:
Contractor Name: Terracon
Publication Year: 2009
Publication No.:
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Local Source File: GEN162.pdf
Annotation: "The purpose of this document is to provide a quick reference guide ... to select efficient, reasonable and prudent operating practices for use by operators in the oil and gas industry to control erosion and sedimentation associated with storm water runoff from oil and gas construction sites." (page 1)
Required vs.
Recommended - "The guidance document provides a tool to help the operator make good planning decisions based on easily-available information and minimal effort." (page 1)
Ownership: Federal, state, or private - "Site specific conditions should be considered in conjunction with federal, state or local regulatory requirements to ensure that RAPPS are implemented, if necessary, to achieve regulatory compliance."