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Citation Label: UT38
Publication Name: Record of Decision - West Tavaputs Plateau Natural Gas Full Field Development Plan: Attachment 2
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management -Price Field Office
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Publication Year: 2010
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Local Source File: UT38-WestTavaputsROD-Attachment2.pdf
Annotation: The Record of Decision documents the Utah State Director’s decision to approve the Bill Barrett Corporation contracted development plan, which falls within the range of alternatives described in the West Tavaputs Plateau EIS. Attachment 2 lists and describes the conditions of approval and stipulations for the selected alternative.
Required vs.
Both: "To minimize impacts to resources of concern the BLM will require, monitor, and enforce: -All design features of the Agency Preferred Alternative, as well as a number of the design features included within the Conservation Alternative. -Applicant-committed environmental protection measures, many of which go beyond those identified in the Price Field Office Approved RMP (October 2008), existing regulation or statute, and/or are not included as stipulations to the valid and existing leases. -State-of-the-art best management practices (BMPs) for natural gas drilling and production to help ensure that energy development is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner [may be required or recommended] -Additional environmental resource/protection measures, developed by the BLM and its cooperators during the EIS process, that take into consideration concerns raised by the public and affected Tribes during scoping and in comments received on the Draft EIS. -Standard operating procedures that will ensure that natural gas development and production will occur in a safe manner." (page 19 of the main ROD)
Ownership: Federal- "Surface ownership in the 137,930-acre WTP Project Area is approximately 87 percent Federal (managed by the Bureau Land Management [BLM]), approximately 8 percent State of Utah (managed by State Institutional Trust Lands Administration [SITLA]), and approximately 5 percent private. Mineral ownership closely parallels surface ownership." (page i) But "This Record of Decision (ROD) provides for natural gas drilling on leased Federal lands in the WTP Area ...The EIS process was designed to inform the public of a proposal to develop oil and gas on the public lands in the WTP Project Area." Dear Reader letter (main ROD).