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Citation Label: GEN173
Publication Name: The American Oil & Gas Reporter
Publication Type: Report
Section Name: Technologies, Methods Reflect Industry Quest To Reduce Drilling Footprint
Author Name: Pickett, Al
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Publication Year: 2010
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Local Source File: GEN170-reducedrillingfootprint.pdf
Annotation: This report provides describes how operators, service contractors, equipment manufacturers, and major university and research laboratories are teaming to devise innovative methods to reduce the environmental footprint of onshore drilling, completion and production operations. It also discusses how The Houston Advanced Research Center is reporting on the effectiveness of these programs by developing an environmental “score card” to rate the impact of Environmentally Friendly Drilling efforts.
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Recommended - The stated objective of the program is to “identify, develop and transfer critical, cost-effective new technologies that can provide policymakers and industry with the ability to develop U.S. domestic reserves in a safe and environmentally friendly manner"
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