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Citation Label: WY102
Publication Name: CBM Programmatic Wildlife Monitoring and Protection Plan
Publication Type: Guidance/Standards
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Author Name: Wyoming Bureau of Land Management
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Annotation: "The goal of the WMPP is to avoid or minimize impacts to wildlife and serve as a communication tool to foster cooperative relationships among the CBM and conventional Oil and Gas industry (i.e., Operators), resource management agencies, landowners and adjacent Tribal Governments. Because this plan addresses a large geographic area composed of diverse wildlife habitats and unique situations, it must be programmatic in nature. However, the need to provide management recommendations and guidance to conserve species and habitats remains. Regional or site specific monitoring and protection plans which follow the guidance provided in this programmatic document will be required as part of each CBM Project Plan. Implementation of this plan during the course of project development and operations should promote wildlife conservation and allow land managers and project personnel to maintain wildlife populations and productivity levels simultaneously with the development of natural oil and gas resources."
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