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Citation Label: GEN174
Publication Name: Coalbed Methane Development in the Intermountain West
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado School of Law
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Publication Year: 2002
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Local Source File: GEN174-CBMConferenceReportNRLC.pdf
Annotation: The primary purposes of the report are to: provide an overview of where CBM resources are located and how they are extracted, provide some background for understanding the issues surrounding CBM development and the role that it plays in the nation’s energy policy, review the public policies affecting the production of CBM, assess the major issues that have arisen in the West concerning CBM development and its impact on local communities and other natural resources, examine lessons that might be learned from different basins and that might be applied elsewhere, and suggest some basic principles and practical steps that might serve to address some of the conflicts that have arisen in CBM basins and that might be applied to shape future development in other basins.
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