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Citation Label: GEN010
Publication Name: Coal Bed Methane Best Management Practices: A Handbook
Publication Type: Report
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Author Name: Western Governors' Association
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Publication Year: 2006
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Local Source File: GEN10-WGACoalbedMethaneBMPs.pdf
Annotation: The purpose of this Handbook is to share and encourage the use of best practices that will promote the sound, efficient, and environmentally appropriate development of coal bed methane resources. The document provides site-specific considerations, tools, and practices that, when appropriately applied, encourage excellence in environmentally sound energy resource development in concert with economic realities. The audience for the Handbook is diverse, and includes operators, agencies, surface owners, mineral owners, and other land users.
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Recommended BMPs: "Key assumptions in constructing the Handbook are: It is not a regulatory document, use of one or more practices is voluntary, BMPs do not replace local, state, federal and tribal requirements, the Handbook is a "living" document that can be updated and amended to reflect the results of monitoring implementation of BMPs as well as advances in technology that may lead to new BMPs, the Handbook is intended to be broadly applicable unless otherwise noted. Differences among geologic basins create different challenges, and some or all of the BMPs documented herein may or may not be suitable for some locations. The decision to adopt a particular BMP may be site specific." Pg. 3
Ownership: Ownership: Private, state, and federal "WGA recognizes the importance of CBM and the need by private industry, and state, local and federal officials to develop this critical resource in an environmentally sound manner. The Western Governors, therefore, called for coordination and sharing of information that promotes the sound, efficient and environmentally responsible development of CBM." Pg. 2 "With this guidance, the WGA sought funding to engage the CBM industry, all levels of government, and other stakeholders to build a Handbook of Best Management Practices (BMPs)." Pg. 2