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Citation Label: CO005
Publication Name: Record of Decision for the Approval of Portions of the Roan Plateau Resource Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement
Publication Type: Land Use Plan / NEPA Document
Section Name: Appendix A-E. Appendix A: Best Management Practices which may be Implemented as Conditions of Approval
Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2007
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Local Source File: CO05-RoanRODApp5.pdf
Annotation: The Roan Plateau Record of Decision documents the BLM's decisions for management of the Roan Plateau Planning Area in western Colorado. In 1997 the area was transferred from the Department of Energy to the BLM for multiple-use management. Appendix A describes best management practices that may be implemented as conditions of approval to reduce adverse environmental or social impacts.
Required vs.
Most are required BMPs but some are Recommended: “A number of the BLM BMPs for oil and gas development are incorporated into the general oil and gas development requirements in the Approved Plan.” Pg. A-1 Appendix A -- Recommended -- “The BMPs identified in this Appendix are examples of activities which may be required; actual BMPs required during the permitting process to mitigate impacts may vary. The BMPs and specific methodologies associated with them are expected to change over time as technology changes, and to reflect the results of monitoring and ongoing adaptive management efforts. Additional practices may be required, practices may be withdrawn, or practices may be modified during activity, implementation, or project level planning; this may be done without future land use plan.”
Ownership: Federal -- Ownership from the beginning of the ROD: “The Planning Area shown on Map 1 includes 73,602 acres of Federal lands of which all but 6,668 acres are also Federal surface.”… “Decisions made in this ROD apply only to the BLM-administered lands, which include Federal surface estate, subsurface mineral estate, or both. They do not apply to surface or subsurface mineral estate over which the BLM has no jurisdiction.” ROD-1