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Citation Label: GEN015
Publication Name: Surface Operating Standards and Guidelines for Oil and Gas Exploration and Develoment (aka The Gold Book)
Publication Type: Book
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Author Name: Bureau of Land Management
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Publication Year: 2006
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Local Source File: GEN15-BLMGoldBook.pdf
Annotation: The Gold Book provides information on the requirements for obtaining permit approval and conducting environmentally responsible oil and gas operations on Federal lands and on private surface over Federal minerals (split-estates).
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Recommended: The document is a broad overview of techniques, standards, and technologies related to the oil and gas industry. "The gold book provides operators with a combination of guidance and standards for ensuring compliance with agency policies and operating requirements." p.1
Ownership: Federal -- The Gold Book was developed to assist operators to obtain permit approval and conduct environmentally responsible oil and gas operations on Federal lands. Pg. 1