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Citation Label: GEN025
Publication Name: Oil and Gas at Your Door: A Landowner's Guide to Oil and Gas Development
Publication Type: Book
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Author Name: Oil and Gas Accountability Project
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Publication Year: 2005
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Local Source File: GEN025-Oil-and-Gas-at-Your-Door.pdf
Annotation: This guide contains a description of the oil and gas development process, legal and government regulatory information, tips on how to deal with the oil and gas industry, e.g., through negotiation of surface use agreements, stories from landowners who have already experienced development on or near their property, and lists of additional resources that may help to further prepare landowners for oil and gas development. Because this is a guide for landowners, the content focuses primarily on on-shore oil and gas development, as opposed to offshore drilling operations. And it highlights issues with private as opposed to public lands.
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Ownership: The focus is on private lands.