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Citation Label: GEN279
Publication Name: Can We Treat Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback with a Conventional Biological Process? The Case of Guar Gum
Publication Type: Journal
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Author Name: Lester, Yaal
Other Authors: Tesfayohanes Yacob, Ian Morrissey, Karl G. Linden
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Publication Year: 2014
Publication No.: Environmental Science and Technology
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Local Source File: GEN279_can_we_treat_hydraulic_fracturing_flowback.pdf
Annotation: This article reviews a study conducted where the researchers were trying to determine a better way to recycle wastewater flowback from hydraulic fracturing. Guar gum, the most commonly used gelling agent, lowers the efficiency of the membrane separation process which is used to recycle the flowback. But, treating the fluid with a biologically activated sludge prior to the membrane separation process effectively degrades and removes most of the guar from the fluid. This could potentially enhance our ability to recycling hydraulic fracturing fluid (and water) in the future.
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