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Citation Label: CO094
Publication Name: Birth Outcomes and Maternal Residential Proximity to Natural Gas Development in Rural Colorado
Publication Type: Case Study
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Author Name: McKenzie, Lisa M.
Other Authors: Ruixin Guo, Roxana Z. Witter, David A. Savitz, Lee S. Newman, and John L. Adgate
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Publication Year: 2014
Publication No.: Environmental Health Perspectives
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Local Source File: CO94_birth_outcomes_proximity_gas.pdf
Annotation: This case study focused on the affects that natural gas development has on fetal development. Specifically, they were looking to see if oil and gas development increased a fetus' risk of developing certain defects. Their study indicates that pregnant mothers who live in close proximity to a large number of oil and gas wells have a higher chance of having a child born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) or a neural tube defect (NTD). Whether or not this increased risk is caused by oil and gas developments remain uncertain, but the authors predict that it may be associated with air pollutants such as benzene and toluene being released by the development. Other studies have shown that exposure to benzene and toluene increases a mother's risk of having a child with either a CHD or a NTD.
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