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Citation Label: CO095
Publication Name: Colorado State Senate Bill SB14-009: Concerning a Disclosure of Possible Separate Ownership of the Mineral Estate in the Sale of Real Property
Publication Type: Law
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Author Name: State of Colorado
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Publication Year: 2014
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Local Source File: CO95-Senate-Bill-14-009-Concerning-a-Disclosure-of-Possible-Separate-Ownership-of-the-Mineral-Estate-in-the-Sale-of-Real-Property.pdf
Annotation: This law provides that, regarding the sale of residential real estate, there must be disclosure of the possibility that separate surface and subsurface mineral rights may exist in a property, and that the subsurface estate and related rights may not be transferred with the sale of the surface estate. It will take effect in 2016 as C.R.S. § 38-35.7-108.
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