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Citation Label: GEN285
Publication Name: The Sweet Spot of Forward Osmosis: Treatment of Produced Water, Drilling Wastewater, and Other Complex and Difficult Liquid Streams
Publication Type: Journal
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Author Name: Coday, Bryan D.
Other Authors: Pei Xu, Edward G. Beaudry, Jack Herron, Keith Lampi, Nathan T. Hancock, Tzahi Y. Cath
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Publication Year: 2013
Publication No.: Desalination
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Local Source File: GEN285_sweet_spot_forward_osmosis_ treatment_water.pdf
Annotation: This article looks at the use of forward osmosis and its ability to desalinate and treat water produced from oil and gas development. The authors conclude that forward osmosis is an effective treatment of wastewater produced by oil and gas development. The use of forward osmosis could be used to help the industry reuse water, especially in decentralized and remote locations, where obtaining water could be difficult. Currently there are several different approaches and methods for implementing forward osmosis, but it is unclear which is most suitable and cost-effective. More research needs to be done in order to answer these questions.
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