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Citation Label: GEN297
Publication Name: Air Impacts of Increased Natural Gas Acquisition, Processing, and Use: A Critical Review
Publication Type: Journal
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Author Name: Moore, Christopher W.
Other Authors: Barbara Zielinska, Gabrielle Petron, and Robert B. Jackson
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Publication Year: 2014
Publication No.: Environmental Science and Technology
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Local Source File: GEN297air_impacts_increased_natural_gas.pdf
Annotation: This article examines several different case studies regarding air quality as it relates to recent oil and gas developments. Natural gas is superior to older forms of fuel, because it releases less hydrocarbons, CO2 being the main one, than previous combustion of oil and gas. However, we have not been doing a good job of tracking the recent oil and gas boom's impact on the air near well sites. In order to better understand these impacts, air quality sampling needs to be done before, during and after a well site is constructed and used.
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