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Citation Label: GEN330
Publication Name: The 2001–Present Induced Earthquake Sequence in the Raton Basin of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado
Publication Type: Journal
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Author Name: Rubinstein, Justin L.
Other Authors: William L. Ellsworth, Arthur McGarr, and Harley M. Benz
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Publication Year: 2014
Publication No.: Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 104 (5):1-20
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Annotation: This report addresses the question of whether the earthquake sequence in Raton Basin is related to wastewater injection. Historical and instrumental data show that the Raton Basin had a low level of seismic activity until August 2001. These earthquakes are limited to the area of fluid injection, they occur shortly after major fluid injection activities began, and the earthquake rates track the fluid injection rates in the Raton Basin.
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